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Le"Milk Soap

Le"Milk Soap

SKU: 10-1-6200021852

It is suitable for all skin types.It can be used not only to clean the skin of the face, but also to bathe soap or shaving soap. It can be used to help fight acne. It can clean and condition your skin very well. It also has the effect of moisturizing.It can be used to remove facial and body. Features & details EXFOLIANT SCRUB FOR THE BODY ALL NATURAL. Cleanse, detoxify and give your skin a healthy glow without using other ingredient that can irritate. Le’MILK SOAP Add Natural Goat Milk Exfoliating Soap, Goat Milk Soap to Relieve acne, Clean Skin.USEFUL FOR SKIN mild enough for everyday use. FOR ALL SKIN TYPES. Use as a facial soap, body soap or shaving soap. For men, women and teenagers. Can be used to help against acne.The same goes for men, women and adolescents. HOW TO USE Step 01 - Make a foam.First wet the soap with warm water, then scrub with a foaming mesh to produce a rich foam. Step 02 - Massage the face and wash.Apply the foam evenly to face and body, massage for one minute and wash with water.Step 03 - Use 1-2 times a day.The long-term use of soap can improve acne and acne in the skin.

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