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AR Collagen Plus

AR Collagen Plus

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Say goodbye to dull skin Show off your beautiful, smooth skin. 
AR Collagen Plus collagen 10,000 mg.


Key Features:

The dietary supplement product for body rejuvenation


AR Collagen Plus is the dietary supplement that truly helps with rejuvenation without risk of skin lightening injection. It refreshes the body right after intake with aromatic delicious taste. It’s sweet without sugar. It promotes youthful, bright, and glowing skin after continual intake.


  • Helps rejuvenate skin
  • Nourishes hair and nails to be healthy
  • Provides anti-aging effect
  • Reveals clear skin
  • Promotes collagen under skin

Key Ingredients:

  • Collagen: helps rejuvenate skin as well as nourishes hair and nails.
  • Lycopene: provides anti-wrinkle effect and brightens skin.
  • Vitamin C: helps build collagen under skin.
  • Vitamin A: helps nourish the eyesight.

DirectionsMix 1 sachet well with 120 ml of room temperature or cold water and drink daily in the morning or before bedtime.


  • After drinking 1 box (10 days), you will feel fresh with moisturized and hydrated skin.
  • After drinking 3 boxes (30 days), skin becomes brighter and smoother.
  • After drinking 6 boxes (60 days), skin is clear with reduction of wrinkles and acne marks.


  • 1 Box (10 Sachets)



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